SH-60 drum-tec Stickhalter

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drum-tec Stick Halter SH-60

Ein wirklich sinnvolles drum-tec Tool

  • für zwei Paar Sticks
  • sehr robuster Kunststoff
  • mit robuster Klemme
  • ca. 15 cm lang
  • zur Befestigung an Ständern, Rackstangen, Beckenarmen, etc. geeignet

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Very usable accessory

I play at home with a Roland TD-4KP set and DTXM12 multipad.
I often tweak my module and VST settings during my practice and I was looking for a place to put my sticks so they won't fall down (like from a drum pad or from under my armpit) and I would make my hands free for a while.
The holder is rigid which makes it easy to insert even both sticks with a single hand, which is very convenient. It was hard to find a place on the drum rack (it's very minimalistic) so I attached it to the leg of my boom stand which is holding the multipad and it never fell off.


Drum-tec Stick Holder

Ottimo accessorio per le bacchette. Solido e ben costruito, comodissimo da utilizzare. Consiglio l'acquisto

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