Roland Cable Clip für Racks

Roland Cable Clip für Racks
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Roland Cable Clip für Racks (1 Stück)

  • Zur Fixierung der Kabel an Rackstangen
  • original Roland spare part 5100032814

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Tidy up the cables around your drums

These clips are very expensive for the pieces of plastic they are, but that's Roland.

I ordered a whole bunch.
Always order more of these tiny things, because you will lose a few on stage.

This is for those who don't want mic/triggercables hanging all over the drumkit on a rack.
A normal drumkit can already look sloppy when miked and complemented with hybrid material, percussion pads etc, but with an e-kit it's much worse because the drums are usually smaller so they don't hide the cable spaghetti.

That's where these clips are for.
But again: they are only for 1,5" drumrack users.

My advise is to put your whole system up and measure your cable lenghts before buying any.
Because when you want to run your cables via the rack tubes to the module or anywhere else, you'll need longer cables.

There are always velcro's and tie rips.
But this is a more elegant (thus: better looking) solution.
But you'll pay the premium with Roland stuff.

Especially since they don't sell these on their own. They come with several of their e-drum packages, but I couldn't find them anywhere for sale, only here..

Not the full score because of the price.

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