Real Acoustics Sound Edition Roland TD-17 [Download]

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drum-tec Real Acoustics Sound Edition für das Roland TD-17 Soundmodul

+ Für den Sound Edition Download wird ein drum-tec Kundenkonto benötigt +

30 neue Custom Kits mit Samples: Ausgelegt auf authentischen, dynamischen Drumsound!

  • Diese Kits sind wahren Größen nachempfunden - pro Schlagzeug bekommst du zwei Sets, einmal regulär und einmal fat mit extra viel Raum!
  • Dynamisch und echt: Zusätzlich zu satten Sounds haben wir auch noch Samples integriert!
  • Überzeug dich selbst: Unser oben verlinktes Demovideo zeigt dir genau was dich erwartet!

Die drum-tec Sound Editions für Roland Module enthalten hochklassige Sets, die zusätzlich zu den mitgelieferten Drumkits geladen werden können. Wir haben uns mit viel Zeit, Mühe und Liebe zum Detail an die Arbeit gemacht, um die besten Klänge aus den Roland Modulen herauszukitzeln.

Immer wieder fragen unsere Kunden zum Thema Sounds und welche Möglichkeiten es gibt, die mitgelieferten Roland Klänge zu optimieren. Das haben wir zum Anlass genommen unsere Lieblingskits zu sammeln und als Sound Editionen zusammenzufassen. Aus unserer Erfahrung als Drummer und mit dem Feedback unserer Kunden im Hinterkopf haben wir für die wichtigsten Roland Module jeweils eigene Sets kreiert. Dabei sind manche Sets für den Spielspaß zuhause ausgelegt während andere speziell für den Live-Einsatz optimiert wurden.

Mit den drum-tec Sound Editions für Roland Module verändert sich nichts an den hauseigenen Sounds, die von Roland voreingestellt wurden. Vielmehr nutzen wir die Option in einem Modul User-Kits abzuspeichern, um die Möglichkeiten der Soundbearbeitung so auszunutzen wie es unseren Kunden am besten gefällt. Wir sind immer wieder erfreut, wie viel begeistertes Feedback wir bekommen!

Im Download enthalten sind eine Liste der jeweilig verfügbaren Schlagzeuge und eine Anleitung, wie die Sound Edition ins Modul geladen wird!


  1. Yamaha Stage
  2. YamahaStgFAT
  3. Artstar
  4. Artstar FAT
  5. Pearl Jazz
  6. PearlJazzFAT
  7. Hoshino
  8. Hoshino FAT
  9. Dixon Dry
  10. DixonDry FAT
  11. Keller Birch
  12. KellerBrchFAT
  13. Camco Tuxido
  14. Cmco Txdo FAT
  15. Ayotte Maple
  16. AyotteMplFAT
  17. Masters
  18. Masters FAT
  19. Gretsch 602
  20. Gretsch 602FAT
  21. Sonor Delite
  22. SonorDliteFAT
  23. PremierElite
  24. PrmrEliteFAT
  25. Rogers
  26. Rogers FAT
  27. Fibes Maple
  28. FibesMpl FAT
  29. Slingerland
  30. Slngrlnd FAT

Bewertungen 13

Muy bueno

Suenan todos fenomenal. Mucho mejores que los que vienen de fábrica. No te decepcionarán


Unreal value

I was hesitant about spending ~$40 USD on this but regret not doing it sooner. I don't see myself using the original 50 kits very often after playing with these 30 kits. Some are better than others, but most, if not all, are better than the pre-included kits. Save yourself the hassle of tinkering and fiddling and get this sound pack. You'll be glad you did.


Makes your TD 17... Better?

At first I was like ah damn it, I hope I don't throw away money for sounds I coulda just done myself you know?
But I saw the video and it was sweet but then again, that Ralph guy who plays the demo is crazy good and I'm sure makes everything sound better lol!!
Long story short: F-YES! I feel like I bought a new module everything is so refined and authentic and...just real!!
Well named!



I bought my TD17 already with the drum tec sounds as a package. And I was waiting desperately for fresh material. This selection is awesome. I love every single sound. A must investment you will never regret.


Very happy to have found this product!

So I picked up a TD-17 to use as a practice kit at the house. I’d been playing a TD-25 at my local GC but didn’t want to put that much into it so I bought a floor model 17 for much less. I thought the sounds would be the same as what I heard on the 25... I was very disappointed. After seeing a forum post about Drum-tec add-on kits I purchased the Acoustic pack. Much happier! All of these kits are usable but being a cover drummer mostly, my sound is typically just like the Stage Custom kit. I could actually use the 17 at a gig should I want to now. Not so with the default kits.


A whole new level!

I have been very happy with the hardware of my TD-17 but never really liked the sounds included. Right after purchasing the TD-17 I found the Metal Sound Edition from Drum-tec and this completely changed the game for me. Since then I have stayed with these kits and I don't remember having used the native kits once.
A few days ago I did buy the Real Acoustics kits and it just feels like Christmas. A whole new drumkit again. I can't wait to play with the band :-)



Now THAT'S what Im talking bout!
Well done guys, exactly what Ive been waiting for!
Sweet sounds, very authentic indeed!



Excellent sounds, just what I was looking for!


Awesome Expansion

Drum-tec did an excellent job, the kits are awesome and is really a great expansion for the TD-17. I wonder why Roland don't put these kind of good stuffs in their module - thanks to drum-tec they exist. Special thanks to Kai-Olav Zander-Walz for the help and support and kudos to Ralf Schumacher for the superb demo. Prost und es lebe Drum-tec!!!



Also manchmal schon beängstigend wie real die Sounds klingen. Da stecken mit Sicherheit etliche Stunden Arbeit drin und das hört man auch? Es macht einfach nur Freude die Kits zu spielen. Vielen Dank dafür das ist jeden Cent wert? Wer ist denn eigentlich dieser Drummer der in den Videos spielt? Der hat echt n guten Groove drauf. Muss unbedingt mal nach Hessisch Oldendorf kommen.


Killer download.

These kits are incredibly good right out of the box. Compared to the stock Roland user kits and V Expression kits that I have, these are miles ahead. Way too many unusable kits in both the Roland/Vex samples compared to a really great Real Acoustics Sound Edition package. Elevate your TD17 with the Real Acoustics Sound Edition, the cost is minimal for what you get.


Game Changer

Wow . I recently bought a Roland TD17 Kit to play more sophisticated and quiet type clubs . I really wasn't pleased with most of the kits and knew with some tweeking I could get them to sound better .. Before I tackled that project, I found Drum-tech and to my amazement saw that they had some real nice brain packages to upgrade the kits ... Folks, It is night and day .. I have never been more amazed and happy with every aspect of my kit now .. The drum kits in the acoustic package are phenomenal .. I am not only amazed by the drum sounds but the cymbals sound amazing as well ..the dual pads have dual sounds .. Crash and splash , crash and China ... The game has changed and all for the better ... Best investment for my gear .



I waited soooo long for this!
Finally, damn fine solid sounds, thanks guys! I bought and liked the metal sounds, but I'm no metal drummer, so it was a stretch. This sound pack is just made for me. The fat versions are amazing: Roomy, yet digestible! You guys did a great job editing these kits. Well put together, not just random drums mixed to death and covered by FX - a real drummer did this, everything just... fits! (And plays well, really musically)
BTW, thanks to Marvin for keeping your promise and remembering to write to tell me about this release after God knows how many months - you rock! Though now I want the classic rock kits you told me would follow, though luck ;)

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