drum-tec Universal Laptop Stand KS-2033

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drum-tec Universal Ständer für Laptop, Mixer, Module KS-2033.

Perfekt um neben dem Drum-Set alles mögliche zu plazieren oder im Stage SetUp auf der Bühne oder im Studio den Laptop oder den Mixer zu stellen.

Sehr stabile und gute Bauweise und Konstruktion.

  • Belastung bis: 5 kg
  • Top Board Größe : 400mm breit und 27 mm tief
  • Verstellbarkeit im Winkel 0 to 28 Grad (5 steps)
  • Höhe verstellbar: 900 mm bis 1440 mm
  • Ständer Rohr Durchmesser 35 mm
  • Dreifuss Ständer 730mm x 640mm
  • Gewicht: 3.7 kg

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Great value

I bought this stand in June 2018 and frankly, did not expect much since it was/is rather on the cheap side. I have been very happy with the use I have had with it. The top plate is the only thing I wished was different. It is wide enough but it is a tiny bit too narrow so a big laptop will not fit very well on this, however a small computer that normally have a 14-15" screen will fit this table very nicely. The table is very sturdy and the feet wide and quite robust, given the recommended max load size of 5kg. It can safely do double that but any small computer that fit the table size and a mouse beside it will never be of that weight anyway. I have placed an order for two more of these stands to use as computer keyboard stands by my drum set and synthesizers, (ease the practicalities when recording in Cubase etc etc).

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