ATV xD-R550 E-Drumrack

ATV xD-R550 E-Drumrack
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ATV E-Drum Racksystem xD-R550

Schwarzes, universell einsetzbares E-Drum Racksystem mit Snareausleger (auch als Modularm nutzbar)

Universalgröße - sehr ähnlich dem Roland MDS-Standard Rack. Geeignet zum Aufbau eines mittelgroßen E-Drum Sets.

  • 4 Tomhalter
  • 2 Galgenbeckarme
  • 6 Rackklammern
  • Klammer für Modulhalter
  • Standarddurchmesser
  • universell erweiterbar


  • Fußhöhe/Standbein Innen: 67cm
  • Fußhöhe/Standbein aussen: 60 cm
  • Breite Seitenteile: ca. 60cm
  • Breite Mitte: ca. 60cm


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Hello! Everything is in order.
+ Perfectly packed
+ Quality of parts
+ Numbering of all parts
+ Compactness, versatility (compatibility with parts from Roland)
+ Reliability.
Small cons
- There are no detailed assembly instructions, you can put it on the page in electronic form
- There are no detailed instructions for assembly, namely - I had to stretch all the screws, because the snare drum holder tilted on impact. Only then I realized that the pipe itself was turning, because on its other edge, at the point of attachment to the main frame, it was not tightened (bolt).
Important! The plastic retaining rings are put on the legs A (frame). And must be put on the side tubes (to prevent their rotation), because there is a special fastener with a cutout for a stupor. This is misleading. I had to think about it. It also lacks the same stupor on the snare tube (i.e. the third stupor). Because important to me is that the snare pad is perfectly secured, so I had to sacrifice one stop ring on the left side of the frame tube.
- I didn't quite understand how to mount Roland cymbal pads without stupor (from rotation). I put native holders from Roland, there was an opportunity, I did not experiment.
In general, a wish. I would like a clearer fixation, so as not to tighten the screws at all.
I liked the frame very much for its lightness, compactness, integrity. And I decided to put it "excellent".
Best regards, Maxim.

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