Alesis Strike SE 3-Zonen Ride Cymbal 16"

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Alesis Strike SE 16" 3-Zonen Ride Cymbal

  • 16" Ride Becken im "Hammered" Look
  • Vollgummipad
  • Kompatibel mit Alesis, Roland Modulen (außer TD-50) und dem Pearl Mimic Pro
  • Orignales Becken aus der Alesis Strike Pro Special Edition
  • ohne Kabel, bitte mitbestellen

Das 3-Zonen Strike Pro Special Edition 16" Ride, das 14" Crash und die bewegliche 14" Hi-Hat fühlen sich realistisch an: Sie sind mit einem neuen dicken, komfortablen Gummi überzogen, der die perfekte Mischung aus Gefühl, Kontrolle, Sprungkraft und Volumen erzeugt. Die Becken bieten eine große Glocke für eine verbesserte Spielbarkeit, zusammen mit einem coolen "Hammered"-Look. Zudem sind die Cymbal leiser als herkömmliche E-Cymbals. Perfekt also, wenn du rund um die Uhr bei minimierter Lautstärke spielen willst. Vor allem die neue 14" Hi-Hat liefert ein sehr realistisches Spielgefühl.


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Good work!!!

The reel is very nicely made and works very robustly. Playing on it is very nice and I recommend it all. I bought it alone because I made a change to Alesis Strike. It really has three zones and plays really well. Good work!!!


Great addition to my TD25

I ordered this to replace the 3 zone ride on my TD25 with a larger cymbal, to make it feel more like my acoustic kit. The sensors are less sensitive than those on the Roland cymbal, but it was easy enough to adjust the sensitivity for it in the module.
The bell is easier for me to strike with regular accuracy than the smaller Roland.
On a purely aesthetic level I love how the Strike cymbals looks.
It plays nicely and has a good rebound.

Prior to buying I'd been emailing Drum-Tech for advice and information. The guys were very chill, very knowledgeable, and very helpful. I will, without doubt, be buying more upgrades for my e-kit from them.
Thanks guys.


Cymbal just arrived, plugged it in, set the trigger to CY-15R and it just works. Delivery to the US took a few days longer than preferred but the helpful staff from drum-tec was communicative throughout!

I'm still tweaking the trigger settings but I can say thus far that the bell on this 16" cymbal pad triggers MUCH better than the CY-13R I had as my ride prior to this. I'll be using this cymbal pad for my ride until I can justify (so the wife doesn't kill me) the 18" ride pad from ATV.

Thanks for the communication throughout this purchase drum-tec ... I'll be buying from you guys again in the future.

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