Agean Natural Jazz Low Noise Cymbal Set

Agean Natural Jazz Low Noise Cymbal Set
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Agean Natural Jazz Low Noise Cymbal Set: 13” Hi-Hat, 16” Crash, 20“ Ride: Erdiger Sound bei minimaler Lautstärke

  • Dunkler, jazziger Cymbal-Sound für dein Drumkit
  • Gibt dir ein echtes Spielgefühl mit 100 % Rebound-Feeling
  • Du hast Spaß, ohne deine Nachbarn zu nerven.

Low Noise Cymbals der Agean Natural Jazz Serie bringen dir einen natürlichen und erdigen Klang mit warmen Obertönen. Sie sind dabei sehr viel leiser als herkömmliche Schlagzeugbecken.


  • 13” Hi-Hat, 16” Crash, 20“ Ride
  • 70 % Lautstärke-Reduktion gegenüber klassischen Metallbecken
  • B20 Bronze-Legierung
  • Handgefertigt in der Türkei
  • Authentisches Spielgefühl mit 100 % Rebound eines klassischen Becken-Sets
  • Ideal für Proberaum und kleinere Gigs

Was sind Low Noise Becken und was können sie?

Low Noise Becken bieten dir die Soundeigenschaften, das Spielgefühl und den Rebound von klassischen Akustikbecken. Sie bestehen aus den gleichen Legierungen und Materialien. Dabei klingen sie deutlich leiser. Dies wird erreicht durch unzählige symmetrisch angeordnete Bohrungen im Beckenkörper. Die dadurch verringerte Masse entwickelt weniger Lautstärke. Low Noise Becken eignen sich hervorragend zum Üben, Jammen und für kleinere Gigs.

Legierung: B20 Bronze
Farbe: Bronze

Bewertungen 3

Great product, we came up with a fix to the hihat

At our HoW we wanted to get rid of the old Gen16 system and to have still something quiet but better sound. So we tried these bronze perforated cymbals and they are very good. We have a mix of the regular and the natural series.

In general they are somehow louder than Gen16 but they sound much more authentic. They sound like a full cymbal equalized. We have them miced, each cymbal separately with a mini mic, but we do not need to put almost anything into the PA since the loudness is perfect as is (a hall with a 20mx11m floor, 6m ceiling). The mics go only into IEMs.

We had a problem with the hihats though to be too loud. We tried 14" and 13" but the final solution we came up with was to put the bronze hat on the top and the Gen16 hat to the bottom and that made it! The loudness is quieter and the timbre mostly follows the top hat. I guess any super-low-volume hat can be put to the bottom, e.g. Arborea.


Low volume with real sound & good looks

An excellent product as my first order with drum-tec in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic (March 2020), despite which their service was of the highest standard.

The cymbals were well protected in good air courier worthy packaging and upon opening it was instantly pleasing to see the cymbals bag that was included - lovely touch and IMO essential..

The Agean Low Volume Natural Jazz cymbals are an exact version of the normal set but low volume unlike other makes from leading cymbal manufacturers, whose designs are from scratch. This makes a huge difference to price and tone.

The main reason I bought these cymbals was because I wanted a sound that had more cymbal than stick but yet was low volume for practice. I was not disappointed. The cymbals themselves are an ideal proportion for an electronic drum pad kit and fitted in superbly with the overall look of the setup.

To be clear they are low volume cymbals and do not pretend to be silent. For me this encourages control, which is quickly rewarded during practice with excellent stick response and no degradation in sound quality. The tone itself is versatile enough to cope with the wide genre that Jazz represents and rivals full set normal volume cymbals. Admittedly, the price is very high when compared to other low volume cymbals but IMO there are no equivalent sounding alternatives for any price.

A very happy customer here. I shall definitely keep these guys on my future shopping list. Drum-tec's sticker already adorns my Wall of Fame.


exciting cymbals

Exciting cymbals with the right feeling in combination with the TD50 as well as for a smaller gig where the sound level is important. A very positive experience

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