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Yamaha PCY90AT E-Drum Cymbal Pad

Yamaha PCY90AT
Yamaha PCY90 bottom side
Yamaha PCY90 top side
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Yamaha PCY90AT E-Drum Cymbal Extension Pack

The 10" E-Cymbal is delivered completely with Cymbal-arm and Rack-brackets! It has just 1 Trigger Zone (Mono), but using it at a Yamaha module it can operate two zones via stroke-volume.

At other E-Drum modules, like e.g. Roland or Alesis, the Amaha PCY90 can normally be used as a Crash Cymbal. For instance as a small Spash Cymbal a good and inexpensive solution. The construction is not as heavy as bigger Cymbals, but a good choice as a cheap alternative!

We deliver the latest version, including Trigger Cable and Twist-protection.

  • 10" Cymbal Pad incl. holding device
  • Mono Cymbal Pad of the 400 series
  • Compatible with any E-Drum module
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