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Yamaha DTX450K The entry-set with top equipment

Yamaha DTX450K kl.
Yamaha DTX400 Modul kl.
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Yamaha DTX450K

You can also compile your own Kits of the 169 Drum sounds corresponding to your stile - even if your stile is changing very often. So try out an Heavy-Metal Double Bass Drum Kit and replace it the next day by a Dance-Kit - or keep your Favourites constantly. You have the choice: 23 Snares, 21 Kicks, 36 Toms, 31 Cymbals and 42 percussion-instruments are waiting for you. With the 3 zone Snare Pad, the real Bass Drum Pedal and the pro-HiHat controller, the DTX450k is equal to 10 permanently set up professional Drum Kits. But Instead of a big hall you just need space for a compact E-Drum Kit.

With the Yamaha warranty extending for all models bought after the 1.11.15 in Europe! As a customer you just have to register at the following link:

Details of the Yamaha DTX450K:

  • This small luxury-model comprises the new TP70S Snare Pad, on which Snare Coat, open Rimshot as well as closed Rimshots can be played on account of its three Zones.
  • The real Yamaha Bass Drum Pedal does well under your feet, as it enables a more authentic Playing of the Bass Drum to be done
  • The HH65 HiHat controller makes an expressive HiHat Playing possible
  • Three 10"-Cymbal Pads are ready to be used for Rhythm Accents
  • The steel-rack and the chromed Cymbal holding devices ensures a stable hold
  • The high-quality Drum-voices come frome the DTX900/700/500 series as well as DTX-MULTI 12 and can be compiled at will to individual sets
  • The DTX450k provides ten professional Drum-Kits of world-famous sounds in drum-History, self-evidently inclusive Yamahas legendary acoustic series. Due to the use of Voices of our pro-drum modules DTX900/700/500 series and DTX-MULTI 12, each Kit provides a very high-quality sound quality
  • Thaks to "Accent articulation" Kits can be played very dynamically, as the sound characteristics are changed in dependence of the beating-strength.

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Dimensions: Width 240 mm

Depth 68 mm

Voices 169 (23 Snares, 21 Kicks, 36 Toms, 31 Cymbals, 16 Hi-Hats, 42 Percussions) Drum kits 10 (können durch eigenen Kits überschrieben werden)

Tempo 30 bis 300 BPM (Tap Tempo und Voice Guidance)

Connectors: SNARE, TOM1, TOM2, TOM3, RIDE, CRASH, HI-HAT, HI-HAT CTL, KICK/PAD (Mini Stereo Audio) / USB TO HOST / AUX IN (Mini Stereo Audio) / PHONES - OUTPUT

Power Consumption: 5 W

Snare : TP70S 7.5 inch 3 zone (rim-shot available) pad
Tom : 7.5 inch pad
Floor Tom : 7.5 inch pad
Bass Drum : KP65 twinpedal capable pad
Bass Dum Pedal : FP6110A real kick pedal
Hi-Hat : 10 inch pad
Hi-Hat controlling unit : HH65 Hi-Hat controller. (Opened/Closed/Half-Open/Foot splash available, and even work as second bass drum)
Crash Cymbal : 10 inch pad
Ride Cymbal : 10 inch pad

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