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Toontrack Roots "Sticks" SDX

TT157 Roots Sticks SDX
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Toontrack Roots "Sticks" SDX

SDX expansion for Superior Drummer 2

(comes in the box with data medium or just the license code by mail - as you like)


In the mixer
• 16 mono, 7 stereo
• Decca Tree (3 mono mics)
• Acoustic live reverb chamber
• 3 different ambience stereo mic pairs
• 3 different OH mics
• 3 different kick drum mics
• 3 different snare drums mics
• 1 extra “trash” mic

Neve 8078 –  Originally placed in Motown Studios (LA), then owned by Donald Fagen. The Neve 8078 was the last of the “80 series” hand-wired analogue mixing consoles designed and manufactured by Neve for high-end recording studios during the 1970s. These consoles are considered by many experts to be the Rolls Royce of desks and are highly sought after. Each console took several months to build using over 2,500 hours of highly skilled labour and top quality components. It would now be uneconomic to manufacture such equipment to this standard.

External pre-amps
Shadow Hills Gamma (nickel transformer) – Used on the toms, similar to api,neve style pres, but have variable (nickel, steel), or discrete output tranformers.
RCA OP-6 – holy grail tube preamp from the ’30s with 95 db of gain

Neumann U47
Classic tube mic, A pressure gradient-operated mic in which the difference in pressure between two physical points provides the driving force for the diaphragm. Another contributor to the 47’s characteristic sound is proximity effect and has an earthshaking boost in the bass region when it’s switched to the cardioid, or unidirectional positions.

RCA 44
Classic ribbon microphone, the natural sound can also be made to sound warm, big, and syrupy (Bing Crosby-like) when placed within two or three feet of the source. Very popular in the 40’s-50’s as a radio broadcast mic.

Speaker from a Yamaha NS-10 studio monitor flipped out of phase to produce enhanced lower frequencies of kick drums.

Shure SM57
Industry standard dynamic mic, widely used in studio and in live applications for snare drums, electric guitars, etc…

Identical acoustics to legendary CK 1, precise, nearly frequency independent cardioid, extremely accurate signal transfer and ruler-flat on-axis frequency response.

The C 12 is a studio condenser microphone of the highest professional quality. The first choice of many studio and engineer for it’s flagship microphone. Nine different directional characteristics can be selected by means of a remote control unit without any change in frequency response or sensitivity. In addition to three basic characteristics, omni-directional, cardioid and bi-directional, six intermediate patterns (including hypercardioids) are available.

SAX GML (Sheffield Audio Labs)
George Massenburg’s personal SAX microphones, built using the best components from 8 AKG C12 microphones

AEA 88
A newer company that makes close to exact versions of the classic older ribbon mics, this version is used a lot for stereo overheads and piano.

Telefunken 251
Cool because the serial numbers are so close (almost consecutive) which makes them perfect for a mtached stereo pair, Probably one of the most sought after and really rare for their sonic clarity and detail.

Coles 4038
Originally used as a broadcast microphone by the BBC, has recently become a standard drum room ribbon mic.

ELAM 201
This is a funky old ribbon microphone that you probably will not see anywhere else these days, it is a 1930’s microphone, and really rare. Here is paired with the RCA OP-6 preamp from the ’30’s w/ 95db of gain! So, a true classic sonic color is added to the sound.

Neumann M50
Omni-directional tube mic, popular in classical recordings, and using these with decca tree configuration creates a very natural room sound.

Neumann 582
A very unusual tube microphone, small diaphram, very detailed, used in close to the drummers ears to create the drummers perspective of what he’s hearing.

The classic Beatles mic, dynamic, compresses really, really well, used in a tube hidden in pass through next to the studio room


Cymbal set 1:
Pos1: 22″ K Zildjian Constantinople Medium
Pos2: Bosphorus Ferit Series
Pos3: 22″ K Zildjian Constantinople Light
Pos4: 22″ Sabian HHX Manhattan Ride

Cymbal set 2:
Pos1: 20″ Zildjian Sound Effects Oriental Crash of Doom
Pos2: 18″ Paiste Fast Crash
Pos4: 20″ Sabian Handhammered HHX Manhattan Ride

14″ Masterworks Meritamon Series
14″ Zildjian K

Bass drums:
18″ Pearl Reference Series with closed heads
22″ Gretsch USA Custom Series
22″ Ludwig Maple Psychedelic
22″ Damped Ludwig Maple Psychedelic
28″ Camco

Snare drums:
Pearl 50th anniversary Solid Maple Shell (#3 of 100 ever made)
12″ Kaplinger Brass
14×5.5″ Ludwig Wood 1964
14×5.5″ Damped Ludwig Wood 1964
14×6.5″ Yamaha Elvin Jones Signature Series Flat wooden rims
14×7″ Leedy
14×7″ Leedy Damped
14×3.5″ Leedy picollo

10″ Gretsch USA Custom Series
12″ & 14″ Pearl Reference Series
16″ Slingerland Radio king
10″ Gretsch USA Custom Series
12″ Gretsch Stop Sign Badge
14″ & 16″ Gretch USA Custom Series
14″ Rogers
12″ Maple Psychedelic
16″ Maple Psychedelic
18″ Ludwig Classic Maple (New)
14″ Muted Rogers
12″ Maple Psychedelic
16″ Maple Psychedelic
18″ Ludwig Classic Maple (New)


Audio demo credits
Song 1, 3, 6
 composed by Thiago Pinheiro ( and Dani
Andreotti ( Recorded, mixed and mastered at CMD
Audio (

Song 2
, artist: Liz Sharpe. Mixed by: Chris Grainger.

Song 7 cComposed by Devin Arne. Remix by Thiago Pinheiro ( Mixed and mastered at CMD Audio (

Song 9
 composed by Dani Andreotti ( Drums by Thiago
Pinheiro ( Mixed and mastered at CMD Audio

Song 4, 8 & 10
 composed by Mats Öberg. Drums taken from Morgan Ågren’s MIDI that comes with the product. Mats Öberg: piano. Christian Spering: upright bass.

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