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TDrum Akustik Pro Trigger Set STEREO 4/1

TDRUM Triggersatz
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TDrum Acoustic Pro Trigger Set STEREO 4/1 (100% identically constructed as the ddrum Pro Trigger Set)

"The Black Panther"

Trigger Set for the discerning drummer... It provides rim-sensing also for the Toms and is therefore very suitable for high-quality sound modules with the corresponding ability! This Trigger-Set distinguishes by sensitive response-behaviour, great dynamic range, as well as an high acoustic performance.

The Set consist of 4x Snare and Tom Trigger with Dual-Triggering, and 1x Bass Drum Trigger

The Trigger casing can be mounted very quickly at any regular Tension Hoop. It is compatible with any regular sound module. (Cable not included in delivery)

2 Product reviews

average rating:5 of 5 Stars!
5 of 5 stars!

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!] by Adrian D. on May 2008

This set of triggers is fantastic! I have used my Roland TD12 setup and previous Roland edrums for a few years now in all aspects of drumming, but ran into a situation where I had to use my abandoned acoustic for a tribute project. I didn't want to lose the flexibility of the TD12, but knew that I could not compromise the look of the band I was playing with, so the acoustic was the only option. That was until I found drum-tec and their triggers and mesh heads! After some excellent communication via email with Michael, I decided to buy this pack of triggers, their set of the Pro mesh heads, Jack & XLR leads and rim protector and boy I was not let down!!! The purchase was so easy, the delivery got to me in the UK within 2-3 days and I was converting the kit over straight away. I have to admit that I was a little unsure whether this would really have the feel and sound of the TD12, but I was completely wrong! The triggers are superbly robust, as sensitive as the Roland PD-85 pads and even better still these 'Black Panthers' are dual trigger, so I still retain my pad configs on the TD-12 module. I had to make a few minor tweeks to the module, such as setting the trigger type to the RT-10 settings and that was pretty much all I had to do! It was seriously that easy. As for drum-tec themselves, they are a seriously professional, reliable and 100% trustworthy company to purchase from, so I have no hesitation in making further purchases from them again in the future. I really love their Sapeli drum set, so I'm creating my new shopping list right this very minute. If you already play edrums via pads and have wondered whether converting your acoustic is a viable option, I can say from my personal experience a big YES! The triggers and TD12 module are beatifully matched and has allowed me to become an acoustic kit player again, with the full benefit and flexibility as my TD-12. Thanks drum-tec - you guys rock!

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