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RT-30HR Acoustic Drum Trigger

roland rt 30hr
Roland rt 30hr package design
roland rt 30hr in action
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Roland RT-30HR Drum Trigger Dual-Zone

Our best-selled Triggers have already been forerunner, the Roland RT-10 series. Now, Roland has given a new casing to this proven Trigger-technic.

Due to the newly developed fastening device, the Dual-Zone RT-30HR Trigger perfectly fits to all common tension-hoops, and it automatically sets the Sensor to the best position of the acoustic head.

The RT supports strokes on the head as well as on the Rim, so that two seperate Sounds can be actuated.

Because of the new casing-design, the Trigger assimilates much more inconspicuously into the existing acoustic optic.


  • Dual-Trigger (Head and Rim) for acoustic Drums for the actuation of electronic Sounds
  • Compatible with any V-Drum TD-modules, the Percussion-Pads of the SPD-series and the TM-2 Trigger module
  • Can be mounted on almost any tension-hoop, also on Hoop-Styles bent inwardly
  • A newly developed fastening device provides a quick and simple assembly
  • 10 mm smaller than the forerunners - for an higher playing comfort
  • Very robust fiberglass casing and safe fastening mechanism for a reliable hold at the Drums
  • Laterally attached Trigger-output for an easy cable handling
  • Including Cable

Trigger:                        2 (Head, Rim)

Connector:                   Output Jack (1/4-inch Phone Type)

Accessories:                Owner's Manual
                                   Leaflet "USING THE UNIT SAFELY"
                                   Stereo Cable (3.5 m, 11.48 ft)

Guide for Installation      Rim Height (Max.): 13 mm (0.51 inch)

Size and Weight

Width                          39 mm
                                  1-9/16 inches

Depth                          112 mm
                                   4-7/16 inches

Height                         45 mm
                                  1-13/16 inches

Weight                        69 g
                                  0 lbs. 3 oz.

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