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Roland TD-4KP mit Racksystem

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Roland TD-4KP V-Drums Portable

The mobile V-Drum variant, foldable, compact, and still "all aboard". The TD-4 module provides some very solid and realistically sounding Drum Sets. With the very central assembly of the whole Drum Rack and the E-Drum module in the center, it distinguishes from its forerunners Roland TD-4K and KX. The Snare Pad is equipped with a Mesh head and Dual Trigger playable. To sum up: Solid Roland Sound in a very space-saving way for the "trunk-transport" and in a robust and very well-reasoned Roland quality.

The TD-4KP V-Drum Portable Kit provides V-Drum quality combined with maximal Mobility. Due to the new innovative Design, the V-Drum Set can be dismantled in only few minutes. Equipped with the powerful TD-4 sound module, the Set provides a great amount of high-quality and editable Sounds and is perfectly suitable for at Home, small gigs, rehearsals, to give lessons and much more. The TD-4KP combines V-Drum Power and Functions with impressive mobility and comfort.

The most important Features:

  • V-Drums quality in a mobile Kit
  • Innovative Design for a quick, simple Transport
  • TD-4 sound module with expressive Sounds ant built-in Coach Functions
  • 8 Pads: Kick, Snare, 3x Toms, HiHat, Crash- and Ride-Cymbal; FD-8 HiHat-controller
  • Snare and Tom Pads disposes of upholstered, rubberized surfaces for an excellent rebound and a natural Play-Feeling
  • Options: Carrying case (CB-TDP); Mesh head Snare Pad (PDX-6/-8); Pad fixture (MDH-12); Accessories package (DAP-3X); Drum Carpet (TDM-Series)

Drum-instruments: 125

Drum Kits: 25

Instrument parameters: Kick, Snare, Perc.(tuning, dampening)

Mixer parameters: Pad-volume, Pan, Kit-volume, cross stick-volume

Ambience types: 9

Coach mode: Warm Ups, Time check, Tempo check, quiet count, auto up/down

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