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Roland TD-30KV with Silence Pack

roland td 30kv silence pack
Roland TD30 KV
roland td 30 ride
roland td 30 modul display
Roland td 30 hihat
roland td30 5
roland td 30 cymbals
roland td 30 modul with extra sounds
mds25 rack Roland td 30KV
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Roland TD-30KV V-Pro-Serie including Silence Pack

In comparison with their acoustic models, E-Drums are agreeable silent, as the sound is generated electrically by a sound module. Still, the remaining impact noises, being heard through Floors and Walls are often found a nuisance by other Persons in the neighborhood or tenants. We took care of this topic and developed an effective Package, which sets about solving this problematic: The drum-tec "Silence Pack". Noise- absorbing components dampen the transmission of impact noises through Floors and Walls and reduces the noise to a minimum.

drum-tec Silence Pack, including:

  • Sound Absorbing-Beater => Our newly developed and patent pending beater reduces the noise considerably. Due to the use and combination of special dampening materials in the beaters head, the Volume level is greatly reduced and additionally, the play feeling is improved as well.

  • Sound Absorbing-PedalMat  => This just here at drum-tec available newly developed special Underlay reduces the noise of the Bass Drum Pedal considerably

  • Sound Absorbing - RackFeet => We replace the normal Rack-Feet-Stoppers by our newly developed and patent pending special Stoppers! Due to the combination and construction of the used dampening materials, the Stoppers reduce the transmitted noise of the Drum Rack considerably!

  • => The neighbour will be very pleased

Overview of the Roland TD-30 Set Family:


The Difference between the Roland TD-30KSE and the Roland TD-30K:

  • The HiHat (VH-13) definitely has a better quality and can be played even more authentically as the VH-11 in all Varieties .
  • Due to the new Snare Drum (PD-128-BC) with the latest Roland Rim-Technology, the PD-125 now serves as the fourth Tom Pad and makes a fully equipped 6-Piece Kit!
  • The new PD-128-BC Snare Pad respond to the finest Play- Nuances
  • However, it has to be sad that the Place at the MDS-12C Rack with the 4 Toms is now very filled out!

The Difference between the Roland TD-30SKE and the Top-Class TD-30KV:

  • The TD-30KV has been equipped with the latest Pad Generation PD-108-BC, 128-BC and KD-140-BC
  • The Cymbals of the TD-30KV are likewise the latest and very high-quality MG (metallic grey) Generation with the VH-13-MG, the Crash CY-14C-MG and the Ride CY-15R-MG
  • The Rack-System of the TD-30SKE is robust and already has internal cable routing as well, but the MDS-25 Rack of the TD-30KV is at another Level referring to Stability and Space.

=>Information about the special Advantages of the TD-30 module in comparison with the Roland TD-25 can be found at the detailed description of the Sound modules

Rolands TD-30KV, the "Royal-class" of the Roland Sets.... Under the Motto "SuperNATURAL, this High-End Set promises highest Sound quality at best Dynamic. With Behaviour Modeling, Playing technicalities are implemented even more precisely. The (as usual) good Pads are now even more sensible in its Reacting and provides a great Play-Feeling. On the existing USB-Port, Backups can be saved and audio files in the formats WAV and MP3 can be played unproblematically. Another USB-Port provides the Connection to a Computer.

The most important Features of the Roland TD-30KV:

  • V-Drums Flagship with sophisticated sensor technology and SuperNATURAL Sounds
  • Expressiveness and accurate Playability by Behaviour Modeling
  • Professional V-Edit Mode to programm your own Sounds
  • Special"Ambience" -Fader with new Room-Ambience and Overhead-Microphone-Simulation
  • USB Connection for Data-Backups and for Audio-playback
  • Seperate USB-Port for the Connection to Computers
  • Solid Stage-Set in Metallic-Grey and Black/Chrome-Finish
  • New V-HiHat (VH-13-MG) with improved Movement-Sensor for an even more natural reacting
  • New V-Pads (PD-128S/128/108-BC) with improved Rim-Sensor for precise Rim Shot-reacting
  • New V-Cymbals (CY14C-MG Crash, CY-15R-MG Ride) with natural Play-Feeling and accurate Triggering

Components of the Roland TD-30KV:

  • 1 x Drum sound modul TD-30
  • 1 x V-Kick KD-140-BC
  • 1 x V-Pad (Snare) PD-128S-BC
  • 2 x V-Pad (Tom1, Tom2) PD-108-BC
  • 2 x V-Pad (Tom3, Tom4) PD-128-BC
  • 1 x V-Hi-Hat VH-13-MG
  • 2 x V-Cymbal Crash CY-14C-MG
  • 1 x V-Cymbal Ride CY-15R-MG
  • 1 x Drum Rack MDS-25
  • 1 x USB-Stick with Live Sound Edition

3 Product reviews

average rating:5 of 5 Stars!
5 of 5 stars!

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!] by Mic D. on December 2013

Great Kit. I am so happy with it and would recommend it any time. Big thanks to the drum-tec team

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technical features of the Roland TD-30K V-Drum set:

Kit Configuration

Drum Sound Module

TD-30 x 1


KD-120BK x 1

V-Pad (Snare)

PD-125BK x 1

V-Pad (Tom)

PDX-100 x 3


VH-11 x 1

V-Cymbal Crash

CY-12C x 1

V-Cymbal Ride (for Crash)

CY-13R x 1

V-Cymbal Ride

CY-15R x 1

Drum Stand

MDS-12V x 1 (sold separately)


Extra Trigger Input Jack

5 (TOM4, AUX1 - AUX4)


Setup Guide

Options (sold separately)

Cymbal Mount: MDY Series
Pad Mount: MDH Series
Personal Drum Monitor: PM-30/PM-10
V-Drums Accessory Package: DAP-3
V-Drums Mat: TDM-20
Wireless USB Adapter (*WNA1100-RL or ONKYO UWF-1)
* Use Wireless USB Adapter specified above. We cannot guarantee operation if other products are used.

Size and Weight

Width (W)

1,500 mm
59-1/16 inches

Depth (D)

1,200 mm
47-1/4 inches

Height (H)

1,250 mm
49-1/4 inches


39 kg
86 lbs.

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