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Roland TD-10/TDW-1 (used)

TD 10
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Roland TD-10 Soundmodul with TDW-1 (used)


A dramatic advancement in the world of electronic percussion, the V-Drums TD-10 Percussion Sound Module is the cumulative result of over 25 years of musical instrument research and design. Combining a revolutionary sound engine based on proprietary Composite Object Sound Modeling(COSM) technology and ultra-expressive V-Editing, theV-Drums TD-10 module gives drummers unparalleled sound quality and the most intuitive electronic percussion interface on the planet.

Revolutionary electronic percussion sound module based on Roland’s proprietary COSM® technology

Extremely easy to use via six faders, large value dial, icon-based programming and backlit graphic LCD

Lightning-fast trigger response; amazingly accurate detection of stick velocity, position and speed

Positional sensing allows for triggering of sounds with natural timbral difference depending on location of drum hit

600 amazing drum sounds and 54 melody instruments; 50 full drum kits; built-in sequencer with 4-part backing band

Comprehensive reverb, EQ, compression, and ambience effects

12 dual-trigger inputs and 8 outputs (4 stereo pairs)

Compatible with Roland Compact Drum System pads(PD-6/PD-7/PD-9) as well as PD-80/PD-80R/PD-100/PD-120 V-Pads™, KD-80/KD-120 V-Kick, KD-7 Kick Trigger Unit and V-Cymbals™ (CY-12H/14C/15R, CY-12R/C).*

*Requires TDW-1 with V-Cymbal Control for full compatibility.

  inkl. TDW-1 Erweiterung mit V-Cymbal-Control!!!

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