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Roland NE-1 Noise Eater - Rubber Feets

NE 1
NE 1 an KD
NE 1 an KD und HH
NE 1 an HH mit TDM
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Roland NE-1 Noise-reducing Rubber Foot - Noise Eater

What is it for? You can mount this "Noise Eater Foot" at Stands and Feets of the Tripods of your Drum Rack Stands or E-Bass Drum (Roland KD-85,120,140). This way, you will considerably dampen the transmitted vibrations.

  • Ideally, you're supposed to use several NE-1 in combination with a NE-10 Noise Eater. Using a Roland KD-140/KD-120 V-Kick or a Hi-Hat Stand with a Roland VH-13/VH-11 V-Hi-Hat, you mount the NE-10 Plate below the Pedal and a NE-1 below each Foot of the Tripod.
  • Very efficient way of damping the Noises while playing Kick Pads/ Pedals, Hi-Hat Control-Pedals and Hi-Hat Stands
  • Reducement of up to 75 % Impact Noises (according to extensive Tests by Roland)
  • Playing V-Drums without disturbing Neighbours and Family
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