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Roland HS-5 Session Mixer

Roland HS 5 large
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Roland HS-5 Headphone Session Mixer for Silent Rehearsal

The Roland HS-5 Session Mixer allows up to five musicians to rehearse, jam and record whilst monitoring with headphones. Everyone controls their own personal mix with access to reverb and COSM effects for guitar, bass and vocals and these settings can be saved for instant recall. Capture your recordings directly on a USB drive or connect the HS-5 to a computer via a USB cable and record each track into your DAW.

The Roland HS-5 allows each musician to have their own mix using the Mix A thru Mix D switches in the centre of the device. Musicians can use the My Mix knob to adjust their own parameters and add ambience with the Reverb knob. Current settings are displayed with LEDs around the knobs making it easy to check your status whilst playing. If you play in a large group you can even connect two units in tandem. The HS-5 snapshot function allows you to save all the unit?s current settings to a USB thumb drive. This lets your entire group resume performances right where you left off - even at a totally new location or a much later date.

Four Channels Plus Effects

The HS-5 has four independent channels each with guitar and bass amp modelling. This means you can connect their electric guitar or bass directly and enjoy the same sound as if you were connected to an amp. Vocalists will enjoy studio-quality sound via built-in compressors for each mic input. With the intuitive panel controls, HS-5 users can quickly adjust EQ and pan settings and dial in just the right amount of amount of guitar distortion or vocal compression.

Capture and Record

Capture stereo mixes or full multitrack recordings. with the HS-5. Connect a USB thumbdrive to the unit's Memory jack or connect to a computer via USB and record to your DAW.

Onboard Metronome

The HS-5 includes a built-in metronome to keep everyone playing together. Just press the dedicated Click/Tap button to start the metronome, and then tap the button at the desired tempo to adjust the speed for the music.

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