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Roland EC-10M Electronic Cajon Mic Processor

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The addition to your acoustic Cajon - expressiveness thanks to electronic Cajon technology!

With the EC-10M El Cajon Mic Processor Roland specifically welcomes acoustic Cajon enthustiasts. And practically anywhere as well: thanks to battery support the EC-10M will last up to five hours with four AAA batteries, in case there is no free spot to plug in the included power supply. This nifty and innovative tool is both microphone and trigger and thus lifts the acoustic Cajon sound world to a whole new level: on one hand the condensor microphone is just the device microphoning your Cajon, but on the other hand the EC-10M will use those signals to utilize its trigger engine and play back the onboard sounds to provide a wide range of percussive expressiveness. In addition to that the EC-10M can output both the microphone and the triggered sound signal separately. The A/B foot pads can also be mapped with the onboard sounds but may also be replaced by actual bass drum pedals (Roland KT-10, KT-9, KT-7). The integrated loop tool allows you to record and loop percussive sequences and enter another dimension of creativity!

  • intuitively operated: just clip the condensor microphone to the sound hole
  • both trigger and microphone: acoustic Cajon + onboard sounds
  • 16 kits including Tambourine, Shaker, Djembe and electronic drum sounds to mix in with the acoustic signal
  • looper: record and play back sequences
  • separated outs for microphone and internal sounds
  • battery operated with 4 AAA batteries (up to 5h) or by the included power supply

available November 10th, 2016

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