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Roland CY-15R-SV V-Drum Ride Cymbal

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Roland CY-15R-SV

The very noble variant in silver!

The big Roland 3-zone Ride Cymbal CY-15R-SV provides an authentic swinging behaviour, due to its Size of 15". It is as heavy as a real metal cymbal and very stable and has a special Rubber-edges construction, absorbing the edge-stroke very silently but still in an authentic way.

Also the Bell is formed sufficiently large.

It is a three-zone Cymbal with seperate area, rim and bell sounds. Besides, it is chokable. That means, the sound can be stopped at the rim like with an acoustic Cymbal. The big Roland CY-15R-SV is compatible with any Roland module. It is delivered with a CYM-10 twisting protection and a cable clamp as well as two stereo cables.

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