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Roland CY-14C-MG V-Drum Crash Cymbal

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Roland CY-14C-MG  V-Cymbal Crash

The premium Crash Cymbal in the special Metallic Grey Version distinguishes from the "normal" Roland CY-14C, especially in the very high-quality and costly Rubber-coating providing an even better Feeling as well as a brilliant optic.

This special Metallic Grey coating does not pollute and looks very noble, especially on stage.

It is as heavy as a real metal cymbal and very stable and has a special Rubber-edges construction, absorbing the edge-stroke very silently but still in an authentic way.

It is a two-zone Cymbal with seperate area- and rim sounds. Besides, it is chokable. That means, the sound can be stopped at the rim like with an acoustic Cymbal. The big Roland Crash Cymbal CY-14C-MG is compatible with any Roland module. It is delivered with a CYM-10 twisting protection and a cable clamp as well as a stereo cable.


  • 14-inch crash cymbal with realistic playing feel; responds to strikes with acoustic cymbal-type movement and inertia
  • Dual-trigger system with individual sensors for edge and bow of cymbal
  • Allows cymbal "chokes" for dynamic crash performances
  • Compatible with all Roland TD-Series/SPD-Series sound modules




2 (Bow/Edge)


BOW/EDGE Output Jack


Owner's Manual, Wing Nut, Felt Washer, Stopper, Connection Cable, Cable Tie

Size and Weight


352 mm

13-7/8 inches


352 mm

13-7/8 inches


48 mm

1-15/16 inches


1.4 kg

3 lbs. 2 oz.

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