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Roland CY-12C V-Drum Crash Cymbal

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Roland CY-12C  12“ V-Cymbal Crash

An inexpensive Roland Electronic Cymbal of the middle class, which despite provides very much! With the size of 12" it is on the one hand quite compact, but on the other hand, it is similar to the bigger Cymbals CY-14C and CY-15R concerning the robust method of construction and the correctly elevated weight, which is absolutely necessery to get the right swinging behaviour and play-feeling.

It is chokable and a two-zone Cymbal with seperate area- and rim sounds. That means, the sound can be stopped at the rim like with an acoustic Cymbal. The E-Cymbal Roland CY-12C is compatible with any Roland module. It is delivered with a CYM-10 twisting protection and a cable clamp as well as a stereo cable. With optimised weight distribution and sensitivity, the CY-12C provides an natural vibration behaviour during the choke and an accurate triggering for a constant Crash-Performance including choking.

The most important Features:

  • 12" V-Cymbal Crash
  • Optimised weight distribution
  • Natural swinging behaviour
  • Supports playing-area/ rim position-sensing

Size:  12"

Trigger:  2 (Bow/Edge)*

Connectors:  BOW/EDGE Output Jack


  • Owner's Manual
  • Connection Cable
  • Wing Nut
  • Felt Washer
  • Stopper

Size and Weight
Width: 305 mm

Depth: 305 mm

Height. 45 mm

Weight: 0,94 kg

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