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Pearl E-Pro Live EXL725S

Pearl EPEXL725S C246 Natural Cherry 01
Pearl E Pro EXL Jet Black
Pearl E Pro EXL Smokey Chrome
Pearl E Pro EXL Red wine
Pearl E Pro EXL Arctic Sparkle
Pearl E Pro EXL Honey Amber
Pearl E Pro EXL Nightshade Lacquer
Pearl E Pro EXL Electric Blue
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On Order

The new Pearl E-Pro Live EXL725S available in 9 colours !

The newest version of the Pearl Hybrid Kit! Based on the well-tried Export series, Pearl offers a complete E-Set with all the trimmings here, which can be transformed very quickly into an acoustic set. And above all, it is available in 9 colours!!

The Pearl Epro Live EXX Powered By Export is Pearls latest generation of electronic Drum Sets, and combined with the Pearl Export, it not just provides a realistic play-feeling, but also a real Look. The R.E.D. Box module provides 1000 HD sounds and 150 various programms, comprising all spectra between acoustic and electronic sounds.

  • Ideal combination of electronic and acoustic drums
  • Version Fusion 2
  • Colour: Please consider the various colour-variants
  • EXL725S
  • Hardware: chrome
  • Mix-shell of Asian mahogany and poplar

Available colours of the E-Pro Live - Please declate at your order:

high glossy wrap:

  • C.31 black,
  • C.21 smokey chrome,
  • C.91 wine red
  • C.700 arctic sparkle
  • C.702 electric blue sparkle

high glossy laquered

  • C.246 natural cherry
  • C.248 Black smoke
  • C.255 nightshade lacquer
  • C.257 sea blue fade ( NEW  2016 )


You have the choice in two shell set sizes:

  • 22" Bass Drum, 14" Snare, 12" + 13" Tom und 16" Floor Tom
  • 22" Bass Drum, 14" Snare, 10" + 12" Tom und 16" Floor Tom

Scope of supply of the Pearl E-Pro Live EXL725S

Shell Configuration:

  • 22" x 18" Bass Drum
  • 10" x 07" Tom Tom
  • 12" x 08" Tom Tom
  • 16" x 16" Stand Tom
  • 14" x 5,5" Snare Drum

Complete plastic Cymbal Set:

  • EPC14T Ride
  • EPC12D Crash
  • EHH-2 HiHat

830 Hardware Pack:

  • 1x P-930 Demonator Bass Drum Pedal
  • 1x BC-830 Cymbal Stands with Boom
  • 1x C-830 straight Cymbal Stands
  • 1x S-830 Snare Drum Stativ
  • 1x H-8320 Hi-Hat Stativ
  • 2x TH-70I Tom holder

Complete E-Pro Electronic:

  • Pearl R.E.D Box with 128 MB RAM
  • 1000 high definition sounds
  • 100 high definition kits
  • Bass Drum Pad
  • 10" Tom Pad
  • 12" Tom Pad
  • 16" Tom Pad
  • 14" Snare Pad
  • Including asscecoires for the Installation


Technical facts of the Pearl E-Pro Live EXL725S:

All of these great components couldn't reach their full potential without rich drum and percussion sounds generated from the drum module (r.e.d. stands for Real Electronic Drums). The massive 128MB RAM capacity accommodates 1000 High Definition Sounds, 100 High Definition kits, plus space for 100 user-created kits.

One very unique and exciting capability of Pearl's is the Memory Switch, which gives you the ability to flash the memory and substitute a lush, super high-end drum set for the original acoustics. Pearl has partnered with professional digital drum samplers Toontrack, Zildjian, and Steven Slate Drums, to provide the lush kits through a new website:

The RBM-20MUL drum module is available for purchase as a standalone item.


Great news for owners of the Vibetastic and Chili Memory Switch kits, the v2 update expands your range to 25 new drumkits and trigger settings! The kits cover a lot of ground with full ambient kits, electronica soundscapes, and bone-dry sound palettes. 

The software update is available FREE on and installs with ease.


r.e.d.BOX MODULE FIRMWARE update at

The RBM-20MUL drum module will be equipped with 150 newly reprogrammed drumsets, E-Pro Live offers more visual appeal and audio realism than ever before. Upgrades include a software update and remix for the original 100 preloaded kits, as well as the addition of 50 new custom programs that run the gamut from acoustic, hybrid, electronic, effects, and one-man Rhythm Sections.

E-Pro Live’s upgrades breathe new life into the industry leading electronic drumset. The software
update is available FREE on and installs with ease.

RedBox 2.0 software updates provide an enhanced dynamic range and sensitivity to give drummers the expression needed to appreciate the nuances of the lightest ghost notes and softest buzz rolls on stage or in the studio. Every kit has been modified to use the pitch-to-velocity function which allows samples to change in pitch when played at different velocities, creating a more realistic performance and reducing the unwanted triggering that is evident in most modules. E-Pro Live now supports the addition of 2 extra crash cymbals which require no additional programming when inserted to trigger inputs #10 and #11. Additional improvements have been made on the panning, EQ, and effects to provide the highest quality sonorities for recording or live performances.

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