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HDI HPRO-T8-PB Pro Tom 8 Piano Black
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HDI Pro Tom Piano Black 8"

The HDI Pro Tom is the first choice for professional Drummers not accepting anything but the best! The Hart Professional Tom is definetely one of the most solid Pads, with authentic play feeling and best Trigger-characteristics in the world.

Patented KONTROL SCREEN "silent" drum heads and patented TE3.2 (Transparent Energy Transfer) trigger technology allows the drum to respond exactly like an acoustic drum without the acoustic volume. Hart Dynamics has eliminated the "spongy" or "tennis racket" feel common to electronic drum pads. TE3.2 trigger technology defines "State of the Art" triggering capabilities with super fast, accurate, dynamic, position sensing, modulation, and dual trigger capabilities with compatable modules. Highest quality Maple/Mahogony wood shells with true hand polished Black Lacquer finishes offer extreme durability, non-resonance, and computer designed (CAD) to eliminate false triggering and x-talk. Tension rods thread into brass receivers for smooth and accurate head adjustment with standard drum key. Triple chrome plated steel hoops with replaceable rubber RIM TRIM for enhanced quiet rim shot operation. Pearl style (7/8") tom mounts for use with 7/8" tom arms are far superior to "L-arm" style mounts, and provide greater positioning capabilities as well as rock solid placement. These drums truly are in a class by themselves.

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