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drum-tec pro-s Shell Set (Walnut Roots)

pro s walnut shellset
pro s walnut snare
pro s walnut bass
pro s walnut 10tom
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drum-tec pro-s Shell Set (Walnut Roots)

Our alternative to the Roland TD-30K and Roland TD-30KV V-Drum Kit which you should have experienced. From now on with more than 30 additional Pro-Kits, which we specially programmed and optimized for the Live-use. Exclusively at drum-tec!

The drum-tec Pro-S series is produced hand-made by highest Precision Work "Made in Germany". Incredibly expressive reffering to Technic and Design - the ideal Drum-set for the stage, studio, or for at home (If it can be only the best).

The drum-tec pro series is a completely handmade Self-development and the consequence of years of Experience of the E-Drum Professionals! We mount the complete Series in manual work, as we can meet our Perfection Claim only this way! For this Series, we exclusively make use of laqued Shalls, which have been produced especially for our needs and which are perfectly tuned to our newly developed Trigger-System. All required components are industrially manufactured in laser-controlled precision work in Germany - especially for us!

  • We explicitly conceived the drum-tec Pro-S series for Rolands High-End modules, and it therefore supports all relevant features like e.g. Position-sensing as well as full Dual-Triggering on the Toms.
  • Likewise, the Bass Drum is equipped with a newly developed and very ornate damping system, which provides an unprecedented authentic Play-Feeling at minimal volume- development (Unique!!)
  • For all drum-tec sets, we use the double-strained drum-tec design Mesh heads! They provide highest Playing-comfort, best Trigger-characteristics and an extremely long service-life. The drumskins are also available individually in each Sizes.

The drum-tec pro series orientates itself by Drummers wanting to play a perfectly working E-Drum Set without the renunciation of Shell-sizes and optical Attributes of an acoustic Set.

In conjunction with the very best Roland-components, the set is very suitable in any use, especially on stage, the set is the very eye-catcher.

The drum-tec Pro-S series: "Consequents: High-End"

We are very proud of it - When are we allowed to fill you with enthusiasm as well?


Each of our handmade and "made in Germany" produced E-Drum Pads is subjected to a strict quality control, so that only Drums perfectly functioning can leave our house!

5 years warranty for drum-tec pro series

3 years warranty for all Roland products


  • 1 x drum-tec Pro-S 14"x5,5" Snare Drum
  • 1 x drum-tec Pro-S 22"x18" Bass Drum
  • 1 x drum-tec Pro-S 10"x08" Tom Tom
  • 1 x drum-tec Pro-S 12"x09" Tom Tom
  • 1 x drum-tec Pro-S 14"x14" Floor Tom with Feets

1 Product reviews

average rating:5 of 5 Stars!
5 of 5 stars!

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!] by Gavin Y. on April 2016

WOW is all I can really say about these drums! I recently bought the Roland TD30 Sound module, didn't like the Roland E drums at all but the sounds were great. I found this website and was blown away. Yes slightly more expensive than the Roland "pads" but you get what you pay for. When I ordered the kit or prior I was emailing Drum-tec regularly asking all sorts of questions on racks tom holders stands even the Roland sound module mount bracket & stand, they are so helpful and quick with their responses. I first ordered the Snare as I was building up my kit gradually, the snare is awesome in every way. Sound, feel, looks are stunning AND its a real snare drum as all the other drums! The packaging they come in is excellent no worries what so ever, and speed of the deliver is second to none with a tracking service as well. I have now taken delivery of a complete kit and oh my word, I sat behind it and was simply in astonished in it. The wood and finish is like a piece of high quality furniture simply stunning. I have had several Roland kits previously and gigged a few times with them and in my opinion they look very disappointing on stage! This kit is a full size high quality stunning show piece of a drum kit and the feel is sensational I was playing at midnight the other night full tilt with my head phones on to an AC/DC track and had the time of my life. When I'm up to speed I will post some stuff on you tube so you can see for yourself. The only thing that is slightly disappointing is the black rubber ring on the rims, not sure why they are there and would prefer them not to be, but I'm guessing they are functional rather than cosmetic??? Im planning very soon to purchase 2 more toms and another floor tom then my dream kit will be 100% complete. Thank you once again Drum-tec for an amazing product, amazing service and for finally putting a massive smile back on my face! Kind regards Gavin UK

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