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drum-tec pro Jazz with Roland TD-30 (Black Finish)

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drum-tec pro Jazz with Roland TD-30 (Black Finish)

High-End E-Drum Set in a classic SetUp with Roland TD-30 sound module for at home, the Studio, on Stage.

Our Alternative to the Roland TD-30K and Roland TD-30KV V-Drum Kit which you should have experienced. From now on with more than 30 additional Profi-Kits, which we specially developed, programmed and optimised for the Live-use of the Roland TD-30 module. Exclusively at drum-tec!

The drum-tec pro series is a completely handmade Self-development and the consequence of years of Experience of the E-Drum Professionals!

  • Made in Germany! We mount the complete Series in manual work, as we can meet our Perfection Claim only this way! For this Series, we exclusively make use of laqued Shalls, which have been produced especially for our needs and which are perfectly tuned to our newly developed Trigger-System. All required components are industrially manufactured in laser-controlled precision work in Germany - especially for us!
  • We explicitly conceived the drum-tec pro series for the High-End modules of Roland and it therefore supports all relevant Features like e.g. Positioning sensing (at  Roland TD-12/20/25/30 sound modules) as well as complete Dual-Triggering at the Toms.
  • The Bass Drum is equipped with a newly developed and very ornate damping system, which provides an unprecedented authentic Play-Feeling at minimal volume- development (Unique!!)
  • For this Set, we developed a new generation of Mesh heads: the double-strained drum-tec design Mesh heads! They provide highest Playing-comfort, best Trigger-characteristics and an extremely long service-life. The drumskins are also available individually in each Sizes.

The drum-tec pro series orientates itself by Drummers wanting to play a perfectly working E-Drum Set without the renunciation of Shell-sizes and optical Attributes of an acoustic Set.

We are very proud of it - When are we allowed to fill you with enthusiasm as well?


Each of our handmade and "made in Germany" produced E-Drum Pads is subjected to a strict quality control, so that only perfectly functioning Drums can leave our house!

5 years warranty for drum-tec pro series

3 years warranty for all Roland products

Components of the drum-tec pro Jazz with Roland TD-30 (Black Finish):

  • 1 x drum-tec pro 14"x5,5" Snare Drum
  • 1 x drum-tec pro 20"x16" Bass Drum
  • 1 x drum-tec pro 10"x08" Tom Tom
  • 1 x drum-tec pro 14"x12" Tom
  • 1 x Roland TD-30 sound module
  • 1 x Roland CY-15R-MG Ride Cymbal
  • 1 x Roland CY-14C-MG Crash Cymbal
  • 1 x Roland VH-13-MG HiHat
  • 1 x SS-99 Snare-stand
  • 1 x HS-921 HiHat-stand
  • 1 x Cymbal-stand
  • 1 x Platform-stand mit Cymbal- und Tomhalter
  • 1 x stand with holding plate for sound module
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