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drum-tec pro Bass Drum 20" x 16" (White Finish)

drumtec 20 bass white
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drum-tec pro series 20"x16" white finish Bass

The drum-tec Pro Series is a proprietary development and the consequence of our long-time professional experience in e-drums.

The complete series is hand-crafted! This is the only way to ensure, that it satisfies our requirements. For this series, we only use high-class shells, which are manufactured especially for our needs and which are perfectly aligned to our trigger system. All components of the trigger system are exclusively and precisely manufactured for us in Germany.

We developed the drum-tec Pro series esplicitly for Rolands hi-class sound modules and because of that, it supports all features, such as position sensing as well as dual triggering for the toms.

For the bass drum, we also developed a very complex dampening system, which provides an authentic play feel, one has never experienced before and which is as noiseless as possible. (really unique!)

We also developed a new generation of mesh head  for this kit: the new double-ply drum-tec design mesh heads! They offer the best playability and best trigger capabilities possible and are also extremly durable. The heads are available in all regular sizes.

The drum-tec Pro series is made for drummers, who are looking for a perfectly working e-drum kit, but do not want to miss the sizes and optical aspects of an acoustic kit.

We are very proud of it - when may we inspire you?



Warranty: Each of our e-drum pads is hand-crafted in Germany and has to pass a severe quality-check, so that only perfectly working pads will leave our store! We are absolutely convinced of the Quality and because of that, we offer you a 5 year warranty on all drum tec pro series pads.



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