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drum-tec DP-2007TWP Double Bass Drum Pedal - 9700 Series

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drum-tec DP 2007TWP 1
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drum-tec DP-2007TWP Double Bass Drum Pedal - 9700 Series

The 9700 Series DP -2007 Double Bass Drum Pedal has, in addition to the freely adjustable lever angle and the freely adjustable pedal angle, the possibility to set the chainring infinitely variable!

What does this mean?

The lever angle of the chain blade can be adjusted up to eccentrically from perfectly round. Thus, the "punch" of the last third of the pedal travel is controlled - in clear - There is much more pressure (Punch) at the last third - a better power transmission, and therefore (in the end) more OOMPH!

  • The DP-2007TWP Twin-Pedal is very robust
  • Perfectly processed
  • Provides a very good runability
  • Drive: double chain
  • On account of the manifold setting options, the pedal enables each Drummer to find his very individual adjustment.


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