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drum-tec diabolo Stage 2Box Drumit Five MK2 (Silver Sparkle)

diabolo2box stage
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drum-tec diabolo Stage 2Box Drumit Five MK2 (Silver Sparkle)

++ Made in Germany ++

The genius Sounds of the 2Box Drumit 5 module with the drum-tec diabolo Shell-Set in the stand-variante is with the combination of noble Shells in Silver Sparkle with proven 2Box-components the ideal High-Class Mesh head Set for 2Box Fans!

The drum-tec Series diabolo is, like its big brother (the drum-tec Pro-Series), a completely handmade Self-development and the consequence of years of Experience of the E-Drum Professionals! We mount the complete Series in manual work, as we can meet our Perfection Claim only this way! For this Series, we exclusively make use of laqued Shalls, which have been produced especially for our needs and which are perfectly tuned to our newly developed Trigger-System. All required components are industrially manufactured in laser-controlled precision work in Germany - especially for us!

The drum-tec diabolo series supports all relevant Features of the 2Box module like e.g. complete Dual-Triggering at the Toms. The Bass Drum is equipped with a newly developed damping system, which provides an authentic Play-Feeling at minimal volume development.

All Pads are equipped with double strained drum-tec design Mesh heads! They provide highest Playing-comfort, best Trigger-characteristics and an extremely high service life. To get the best trigger results, we even install here some components of the High-End Trigger-System of the drum-tec Pro-Series.

The components of the drum-tec diabolo Stage 2Box Drumit Five MK2 (Silver Sparkle):

  • 3 x drum-tec series diabolo 12"x5,0" Tom/Snare Drum
  • 2 x drum-tec series diabolo 10"x5,0" Tom Tom
  • 1 x drum-tec series diabolo 18"x12" Real Feel Bass Drum
  • 1 x 2Box Soundmodul
  • 3 x 2Box Ride/Crash Cymbal
  • 1 x 2Box HiHat Cymbal
  • 3 x Plattformständer
  • 2 x Cymbal Boom Arm
  • 1 x Beckenständer
  • 1 x Modulhalteplatte
  • 1 x Anschlusskabelsatz

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  • Multi-zone cymbals: Chokeable three zone cymbals: cup, bow and edge, mounted as traditional cymbals.
  • Hi-Hat: Special hi-hat controller mounted on a traditional hi-hat stand.
  • Unit: 10 dual-function trig inputs, ( max 15 independent trig channels), 2 audio line-in, 6 audio line out plus headphones (8 total), USB (full-speed), MIDI in and out, 17 x 4 plus 20 x 4 character LCD, 10 channel buttons, 8 system buttons, 3 rotary dials, 1 volume knob, 4 GB Flash memory, external power supply.
  • Kits: 100 fully editable kits.
  • Sounds: Recorded in multi channel multi-layer mode, mixed down to stereo DrumIt sounds. User sounds can be created from any wave, aiff or rex files.
  • Editor: PC/Mac software for editing drum kits on the computer and (in a later revision) editing DrumIt sounds or create multi-sampled user sounds from wav, aiff or rex files.
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