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ddrum DRT Snare Trigger with Double Transducer

ddrum drt snare
ddrum drt trigger 5
ddrum drt 4
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ddrum DRT snare drum Trigger with double transducer DRTS

The technically latest generation of ddrum is called DRT (Dual Redundant Triggers). The DRT Trigger provide two so-called Trigger Converter, which can be switched by a button. The Transducer of the DRT Trigger hardly presses on the Head, so that no undesired attenuation of the acoustic tone may arise. As every ddrum Pro Trigger, they have a robust metal casing. The same with the Snare Trigger which is Dual-Trigger -able, so Rim and Head are seperated. The dynamic leaves nothing to be desired - full range from Ghost Note up to the hard Rim Shot.

  • 1x DRT Dual Snare Trigger
  • Secure XLR Connector
  • Maximal Dynamic range
  • Robust and road-suitable casing
  • Works at any sound module
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