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ATV aD5 Electronic Drum Module

ATV ad5 side main
ATV ad5 back panel
ATV ad5 design
ATV ad5 detail
ATV ad5 front
ATV ad5 setup1
ATV ad5 setup2
ATV ad5 design 2
ATV ad5 design 3
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ATV - aD5 Electronic Drum Module - The Access to a new World of Drum Sounds

Only at drum-tec available with the drum-tec Plug & Play Configuration for all usual E-Drum SetUps of Roland, drum-tec, Yamaha and Alesis!

Designed and evolved by a Forefather of Electronic Sound Generation Ikutaro Kakehashi (Founder of the Roland Company) and a new development team, a new Generation of E-Drum Modules was born:

The ATV aD5 Drum Trigger Sound Module brings an innovative and revolutionary conception in the World of E-Drums. - An entirely new World of E-Drumming is waiting for you!

ATV names this new philosophy "Artware" - By this, the Japanese manufacturer means the pure enjoyment of playing!

"...Craftsmanship, the true value of a musical instrument can also be found in electronic musical instruments. Even in these modern times, where throwing things away is easy we still want to offer electronic musical instruments that are long-loved and long-used!.."

The e-drum setup options of the aD5:

Fully supports trigger pads made by other electronic drum manufacturers. This means you can freely use the type of pad you want without having to worry about who made it. Another bonus are that you can upgrade your current electronic drum sound module and by utilize the aD5 as your core, to build up your own original electronic drum set using any combination of pads from different manufactures like Roland, Yamaha, drum-tec, Alesis, 2Box, ddrum and many more.

The Sound of the aD5:

The true nature of the musical instrument is what inspires the player to new heights. The aD5 faithfully re-creates the skill and intent of the player. It deeply and fully renders new instrumental inspiration with each shot from the player's hands. From the gentle soft tones of pianissimo to the intense emotional tones of fortissimo, it meticulously and dynamically reproduces drums sounds just as if you were actually on the spot where it all happens.

The technology of the aD5:

It's something irreplaceable - you will feel it every time you play. To make your performance a satisfying experience, sounds are reproduced with the latest in sensing technology along with high speed response and “Pure Audio” output quality. Technology is constantly updated, providing improved sound source tech and additional intriguing and enchanting sounds. All designed so the aD5 completely wins you over!

The design of the aD5:

An outer design you never tire of along with refined beauty! Just looking at a fine musical instrument makes you want to play it, right? The aD5 was designed as an instrument to create the sound quality you want, to win your excitement, and to make you total fan! We achieved a fine looking outer appearance via a simple shape that eliminates excess decorations that interfere with play and also by fusing made-in-Japan precision together with a fine instrument feel.

In an interview ATV describes the basic idea of the aD5 as follows:

  • Our Main Message to the drummer is, that "The aD5 is electronic drums"
  • It is an instrument, not an electronic drum module.
  • The aD5 is for people that are interested in playing drums.
  • The sound and playing experience of the aD5 will connect emotionally with the player and remind them as to why they originally wanted to play drums—this is because of the sound and playing experience, not because of specifications. 
  • The aD5 can touch a player’s heart and soul.
  • The aD5 design concept has an “Untouchable Trinity”: ++ Great sounding, well crafted, acoustic-like instruments ++ Provides with an unparalleled player experience because of acoustic-like dynamics and expressiveness ++ Minimal latency - it is the fastest triggering in the industry!! ++

New Software Version 1.1 (07/2016)

  • more intuitive to navigate.
  • Support loading/saving trigger setup data from/to an SD card.
  • Provide trigger setup files for 52 kit configurations of Yamaha/Roland electronic drum kit on the ATV website.
  • Yamaha (20 kits): DTX950K, DTX920K, DTX900K, DTX790K, DTX760K, DTX750K, DTX720K, DTX700K, DTX582K, DTX562K, DTX550K, DTX540K, DTX532K, DTX530K, DTX522K, DTX520K, DTX500K, DTX450K, DTX430K, DTX400K Roland (32 kits): TD-30KV, TD-30K, TD-20KX, TD-20K, TD-12KX, TD-12KV, TD-12K, TD-25KV, TD-25K, TD-15KV, TD-15K, TD-9KX2, TD-9KX, TD-9K2, TD-9K, TD-6KX, TD-6SXT, TD-6KW, TD-6KV, TD-6SW, TD-11KV, TD-11K, TD-4KX2, TD-4KX, TD-4K, TD-4KP, TD-3KW, TD-3KV, TD-3S, TD-3Kit-S, TD-1KV, TD-1K
  • Added another option of the trigger setup procedure; select pad model, and play.
  • Improved hi-hat control pedal adjustment.
  • Improved page design of the trigger setup wizard.
  • Added compatible pads: Yamaha: KP125W, TP65S, TP65, PCY65S, PCY65, KU100, DTX400K Pad, DTX400K HH Pedal and Roland: KD-8, VH-12, CY-12R/C, TD-4KP Kick, TD-4KP Pad, TD-1K Kick, TD-1K Pad, TD-1K HH Pedal
  • Support individual MIDI channel (transmitting).
  • Fixed minor bugs.

2 Product reviews

average rating:4 of 5 Stars!
4 of 5 stars!

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!] by Rodney v. on March 2016

Pulled the trigger on a aD5 late Sunday afternoon, ordered through and it arrived already this morning (!) Upgraded straight away from 1.01 to 1.03. Very annoying that this can't be done using an USB-stick, but has to be done via the SD-card, so I had to steal a card from some other device. Able to install the module in the same spot on the rack where my TD-9 used to fit, no adjustments needed. Seems to support the TD-9 cable assembly, just connected the DB-25 and everything, *but* the hihat, works as aspected. Will still have to connect my BT-1 and additional CY-8 cymbal to both aux-ports, will look into that. I can ask ATV suppport, but I suspect I will have to go and replay the TD-9 cable tree by this AD5 cable tree anyway to get the hihat to work. The hihat pad plays, but the controller does not work. Initially volume between pads was quite unbalanced so setup all the right pads and went through standard crosstalk and triggering setup procedures and the started playing. After this triggering was of course much better, but not great. I now really have an annoying hot-spot issue with my PD-105 (hi-tom) and PD-125 (used as floor-tom), which I did not have as pronounced with the TD-9. My DIY 13" snare works fine though. I personally do not really care that the tom-rims can't be used as triggers. Took me some time getting used to the user-interface, quite different, not very intuitive. Kits sound quite good and usable. Especially good bassdrum and cymbal sounds, not overly enthousiastic on snare-sounds. Cymbals sounds are quite good (real Zildjian and Sabian samples, I like the Sabian GrooveRide and HHX ride and HHX crashes, nice and warm). Response-time is great, no delay like I experienced with VST playing. Sounds and dynamics is just as inspiring as with VST-playing, but VST-latency in my setup really put me off, and I only used the TD-9 internal sounds so far. When going through the dynamics for instance with single strokes from pp to ff you really noticed the changing sample-layers, bit of a put-off. Luckily not noticeable when playing backbeat with ghostnotes. I find I cannot setup independent triggering sensitity between bow and edge of a cymbal, so when I set the bow for normal sensitivy a forceful crash to the edge comes in at defeaning volume and have yet to find a way to adjust this if at all possible, need to be careful for my ears. Such a crash does sounds great, like the difference between a glancing blow and a really forceful hit. So yes, as far as sounds concerned and playing feel really an upgrade compared to the TD-9, if it where not for the hihat, it would've been a completely drop-in replacement. Triggering is not all that consistent yet and needs work.

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Main Specifications of the aD5:

Trigger Inputs:

  • KICK

  • SNARE (3 Zones)

  • TOM 1

  • TOM 2

  • TOM 3

  • HI-HAT (2 Zones)


  • CRASH (2 Zones)

  • RIDE (3 Zones)

  • AUX 1 (2 Zones)

  • AUX 2 (2 Zones)

Connection jacks / Interfaces:

  • OUTPUT L/R: Mono phone x 2

  • PHONES: Stereo phone

  • AUDIO IN: Stereo mini-phone

  • MULTI TRIGGER INPUT: Dedicated multi-connector

  • AUX TRIGGER INPUT 1/2: TRS phone

  • USB: 2.0 Type B connector (High Speed)

  • ATV LINK: RJ45 LAN connector

  • SD CARD: SD/SDHC card

  • DC IN: Only for the included AC adapter 600 mA - DC 12 V

Dimensions: 197 (W) x 144 (D) x 73 (H) mm Weight: 1,1kg

In the box:

  • Module aD5

  • AC adapter

  • Multi trigger cable

  • Stand adapter

  • Quick start guide

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