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Alternate Mode MalletKAT Expander 1 octave in gold

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KAT MalletKAT Expander Gold

The MalletKAT Expander adds one octave to your MalletKAT Grand. You can add your MalletKAT Grand to 6 octaves.

similar to photo, but in gold like your MalletKAT Grand!

(KAT-accessories can be found under the link accessories)

  malletKAT GRAND malletKAT PRO malletKAT Express malletKAT Expander
Size 62 x 11 x 2.5" 47 x 11 x 2.5" 32 x 11 x 2.5" 15 x 11 x 2.5"
Weight 19 pounds 15 pounds 9.6 pounds 4.2 pounds
Pad Surfaces 4 octaves +1 (49 keys C - C) + forward and backward keys 3 octaves +1 (37 keys C - C) + forward and backward keys 2 octaves +1 (25 keys C - C) + forward and backward keys 1 octave (12 keys) must be attached to malletKat
Expander Input One (up to five octaves total) Two (up to five octaves total) Two (up to four octaves total) -----
MIDI IN Port One  
MIDI OUT Ports Two
Footswitch Inputs 3 Inputs (sustain one, sustain two (programmable) and Edit)
Foot Controller Inputs Two
Breath Control Input One
Display 4 * 16 Backlit
"With Sounds" Module Includes Headphone Jack, Volume Control Buttons,
Two (2) 1/4" inputs, Two (2) 1/4" outputs
Pad Options Water Resistant Sensors (for outdoor use)
AcoustaFeel Pads (for a harder, "acoustic" feel)
General Capabilities Two Independent Controllers each on own MIDI Channel
3 Bank, Program, and Volume Change Commands per Setup
128 Factory Kit Setups
128 User Kit Setups
Dynamic Training for Personalized Performance
Complete Independent Settings for
Gate Time
Minimum Velocity
Maximum Velocity
Dampen Mode
Melodic Modes
Auto Gate Control
Roll Modes
Hang Mode
Layer Mode
Split Modes
Loop Control
Reassignment Mode for setting pads on special note numbers
Dead Stroke Modes
Pitch Wheel and Controller Modes
Variable MIDI assignable CLICK TRACK
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