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Alesis Pro X Hi-Hat Controller for Alesis

Alesis Pro X Hi Hat 01kl.
alesis pro x hihat
alesis pro x hihat sideview
alesis pro x hihat topview
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Alesis Pro X Hi-Hat Controller for Alesis DM10 and DM8

The Alesis Pro X is a Controller for the DM10 and DM8 E-Drums and the appropriate modules. With this Controller, fitting on any regular Hi-Hat Stand, you create the Sounds of an open, half-open, and closed Hi-Hat and the Chick- and Splash Sounds.

The 12-inch Top- and Bottom Cymbal provide an authentic play feeling.

Specially coordinated with the successful E-Drum Set, the Pro X Hi-Hat assimilates seamlessly to the existing Setups. The Pro X Hi-Hat unites the advantages of an electronic Controller, like e.g. silent practising or flexible application possibilities, with the play feeling of an acoustic, two-part Hi-Hat.

For an optimal use, the Pro X Hi-Hat requires a DM10/DM8 Firmware-Update.


  • 12" Dual-Cymbal Continuous Hi-Hat Controller
  • Natural play feeling
  • Various playing styles possible: open, half-open, closed, "Chick" and Splash
  • Compatible with most of the regular Hi-Hat Stands
  • Including upper and lower Cymbal, Bracket, Cable and Positioning-sensing
  • Seamless Integration in Alesis Kits of the DM8 and DM10 series
  • Compatible with all Roland modules (and certainly Medeli, Millenium, Fame, and so on..) - However, we please you to have realistic expectations, the Pro-X cannot mess with the Roland VH-11 or VH-12, and VH-13!!

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Key Features:

  • 12” single-zone top and bottom cymbals
  • Dual-cymbal continuous hi-hat controller
  • Natural hi-hat playability and feel
  • Create open, half-open, closed, "chick," and splash sounds
  • Compatible with standard hi-hat stands
  • Includes top cymbal, bottom cymbal, clutch, cables, and position sensor
  • Integrates seamlessly with Alesis DM10 and DM8 drum kits



  • Top Cymbal Pad
  • Bottom Cymbal Pad
  • Position Sensor
  • Clutch with No-Spin Adapter
  • (2x) 1/4-inch TRS Cables
  • (2x) Velcro Strips
  • User Guide
  • Safety & Warranty Manual
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