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2Box TrigIt Dual Acoustic Trigger Set

2box trigit set
2box trigit kick
2Box trigger rim
2box trigit snare tom
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2box TrigIt Acoustic Trigger Set to Trigger your Drum

This acoustic Trigger Set comprises 4 Tom/Snare Trigger with Dual Sensor and a Bass Drum Trigger. They can be used for the following apllications:

  • Noiseless Practising (rests the neighbours nerves)
  • MIDI Recording (in the Home Recording Studio)
  • Sound Diversity (Live on Stage)

Product Features / Details of the 2Box TrigIt Trigger:

  • Satinised metal case protects the Sensor and looks noble
  • Special Hooks coated with silicone ensure stability and prevent scratching of the Metal Tension Hoops
  • A special foam material with "Memory-Effect" makes a constant pressure and a perfect laying up of the sensor possible
  • The big Long-Life-Transducer (Piezo) (similar to the 2Box Pads) provides an extraordinary accurate Trigger-evaluation and a natural dynamic-behaviour
  • The side mounted ¼“ jack connector prevents dropping out of the cable and can be used with regular Stereo Cables
  • The second integrated Piezo makes seperate evaluation of 2 independant Trigger Signals (Head and Rim) possible

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Details of the 2Box TrigIt trigger:

  • Satin-finished metal housing protects the sensor and looks elegant     
  • Special silicone coated hooks ensure stability and prevent scratching the metal hoops     
  • A special foam with "memory effect" allows constant pressure and perfect edition of the sensor     
  • The large long-life transducer (piezo) (similar to the 2BOX pads) provides a highly accurate trigger evaluation and the natural dynamic behavior     
  • The sideways mounted ¼ "jack prevents the Fallen Out of the cable and can be used with standard stereo cables.
  • The second built-in piezo enables the separate processing of 2 independent trigger signals (fur and Rim)
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