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2Box DrumIt 5 Sound Module

2Box drumit module backside
2Box software  drum  Editor
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2Box DrumIt 5 Sound Module

The swedish E-Drum module DrumIt5 of 2Box, a branch of the well-known NORTH Synthesizer manufactorer, is something very special and distinct in many ways!

Concerning the Pads, it is compatible with drum-tec and Roland, however the E-Cymbals have their own system. The manufactorer 2Box named this conception "Open-Sound-System". The name refers to the flexibility of the E-Drummer to play any Drum Sound with his E-Drum. For this, 2Box provides the Editor-Software for free. Thus, the Drummer is able to order, load, and save the sounds in the DrumIt5 module via drag&drop.

The 2Box sound module provides 4GB finest Multi-Layer Samples, recorded by multitrack technology in professial recording-rooms with a sophisticated microphoning and various volume-levels. The generated sound have been edited meticulously and are now available in a 24-Bit quality, either in stereo or routed to the six line-outputs. The module has 100 sound memory places, which can be overwritten if desired. At the back, there are ten Dual Trigger-Inputs, the module provides 15 Trigger Channels on the whole. If needed, five multi-zone Pads as well as -but then via splitting cable- ten further Mono-Triggers can be connected. Furthermore, there is one Stereo-Line Input for play-backs, a 6,3-mm-Headphone-Jack, MIDI In/Out, as well as an USB Port. On the operating interface, the module provides a four-line LC-Display, ten Channel- and nine System Switches, three Control Dials as well as one Volume Controller.


  • Meticulously multisampled 2-Bit multi-layer sounds with a superior dynamic
  • 100 rewritable Drum Kit memory places
  • Extremely realistic play feeling
  • Editor-Software, Update via USB possible
  • Compact sound module with 4 GB Flash Memory, including all Cables
  • 10 Channel- and nine System Switches, 4 Control Dials
  • 10 Dual Trigger-Inputs: Cymbal Pads just require a connection cable
  • 15 Trigger Channels - via splitting cable, two Mono-triggers per Input can be connected additionally
  • Stereo-Line Input
  • 6 Line-Outputs
  • Stereo Headphone Output (6,3-mm stereo-jack)
  • MIDI In/Out, USB Port
  • Trigger- and MIDI-parameter per Channel
  • EQ, pitch level and volume per Channel
  • Effect-part per Channel
  • Group allocation and Output-Routing
  • Additional Amount-Master-EQ

Technical details to the 2Box DrumIt5:

  • 10 dual-function trigger inputs
  • 4GB Memory
  • low latency trigger interface
  • 6 mono line out
  • stereo headphone out
  • stereo audio in
  • 128 user editable kits
  • USB interface + PC / Mac
  • virtual kit manager
  • proprietary lossless compression format
  • 24bit sound playback
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