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2BOX DrumIt 5 Mk II - design XXL

2box drumit5 set design xxl
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2BOX DrumIt 5 Mk II E-Drum Set - design XXL

with additional 12" Pad as fourth Tom and additional third Cymbal including all necessary Hardware! And all that eqipped with drum-tec design Mesh Heads - On account of that: a very improved play-feeling!

The proffesional Full-equipment!

The 2Box DrumIt 5 consist of newly developed Rack- and Pad components, which are - due to the use of cast aluminum - not only lightweights, but also very robust. The Percussion-module provides 100 fully editable and first-class Drum kits, and it can process Loops, Sequences, as well as personally created Samples. The Drum Pads can be recoverd by Mesh Heads, Rubber Pads and normal Acoustic Skins.

The Features of the 2BOX DrumIt 5 E-Drum set at a glace:

  • Meticulously sampled 24-bit-Multiplayer sounds with a brilliant Dynamic
  • 100 overwritable drum kit memory spaces
  • Extremely realistic Play-feeling
  • Editor-software, Update by USB possible
  • Import of Audio Files and creation of personal Multi Samples possible
  • Drum Pads can be recoverd by Mesh Heads, Rubber Pads and normal Acoustic Skins.
  • Extremely realistic play feeling
  • Tom- and Snare Pads with Floating-Rim-System
  • Extremely precise Seperation of edge-and skin stroke
  • Rim-zone can be set with other sounds (e.g. Cowbell)
  • Cymbal Pads with 3 Trigger-zones (Edge, Cymbal, Bell)
  • Additionally: manual (stop-)damping is evaluated
  • Compact sound module with 4-GB Flash-memory, including all cables
  • 10 channel- and 9 systemsensor, 4 control dials
  • 10 Dual- trigger outputs: Cymbal Pads just require a connection cable
  • 15 Trigger channels - by split cable, two mono-triggers per Input can be connected
  • Stereo-Line-Input
  • 6 Line-Outputs
  • Stereo- Headphone output
  • MIDI In/Out, USB port

The Controling Software 2BOX DrumIt 5 E-Drum Set:

Which makes organising at the PC possible and provides the following Edit-options:

  • Trigger- and MIDI-parameters per channel
  • EQ, Pich and Volume per channel
  • Effect-part per channel
  • Group assignment and Output-Routing
  • Additional amount-master-EQ

Components of the 2BOX DrumIt 5 Mk II E-Drum Set - design XXL:

  • Bass Drum Pad (14"), Snare Pad (12"), 3x Tom Pad (10") and 1x Tom Pad (12")
  • Each one equipped with a drum-tec design Mesh Head
  • Regulary equipped with high-quality Mesh Heads
  • 3x Cymbal Pad (14"), HiHat Pad (12")
  • Bass Drum Pedal and HiHat Maschine
  • Aluminum rack system incl. all Terminals and Retainers
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